About Supervasi

Supervasi is a pioneering social enterprise and social movement, established by a team of visionary technologists. Our goal is to utilize technology to create a more connected, responsible and abundant society.

100% of the profits from our technology services are utilized for our social and nation-building projects, such as rehabilitation of tribals, medical aids and adult education.

Our beneficiaries also are trained to operate our intelligent platforms, providing valuable job oppertunities and empowering them to help earn the funds required for their development.

Technology for business, education and health

After over a decade of intensive R&D, Supervasi has developed integrated solutions to improve the lives of our beneficiaries and our clients, creating a win-win model that benefits both tribals and society at large.

We have designed and patented technologies for business (SuperBusiness, SuperSite, Jungle BPO), education (Unmol) and health (Super Ventilator, Snakeathon Ambulance).

A commited team of lifetime volunteers

Supervasi was formed by a team of highly-commited members from India and Europe. It includes professionals from Medical Science, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Software Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Sustainable Development, Public Administration and Management.

We are working on a full-time basis to create integrated solutions that solve issues at the root. None of our volunteers or management take any salary or profit for the contribution of their valuable time and effort.