Founding Principles

The Supervasi movement is based on established, timeless principles of personal and community transformation. Become a Supervasi, and learn how to live these ideals in your daily life.

Guiding Principles

Our social projects are guided by a set of principles that are universal and timeless in their spirt of bringing about true social development. They were evolved over a decade of practical field work, research and development and are relevant to any form of humanitarian effort, in any part of the world.

We take Responsibility

Most people would liike to help and make a difference. But the sheer magnitude of social problems can be overwhleming, even paralysing. It is easier to turn a blind eye. In Social Psychology this phenomenon is called the "Bystander Effect."

At Supervasi, we take personal responsibility to systematically solve the problems of the lowest strata of society.

This attitude gives us the motivation, and fortitude to handle the most challenging situtations. It also galvanises local communities out of their stupor, realising for the first tiime that each person can make a difference.

Not Painkillers, but a Cure

It is easy and gratifying to design short-term solutions, with immediate, visible oucome. But these dont really solve the problem. Like taking a painkiller for a toothache - the problem only gets worse.

e.g. What is the use of free education, when there are no jobs ?

What is the use of free hospitals, when victims have no means to travel there?

At Supervasi we make the effort to study situations at the roots, and design precise, long-term, generally integrated solutions, aimed at solving the problems.

Not Beneficiaries, but Volunteers

Charity often produces "Welfare Addicts" who view it their right to be helped by society, with no effort on their part . This is harmful to both, them and the community.

At Supervasi we produce volunteers, not beneficiaries. We help communities on the understanding that they will take active and personal responsibility - not just for their own growth and development, but also for others like them.

This unique and empowering approach also, for the first time, helps them look beyond their own problems, and replaces their apathy with a sense of meaning and purpose.

Win-Win Solutions

Solutions where one section of society has to sacrifice for the sake of others are not sustainable in the long run.

At Supervasi we have developed a unique social model that is win -win for both, our Beneficiaries and the Community.

Our range of state-of-the-art products and services, worked on by the beneficiaries themselves, provide value to individuals and businesses globally. At the same time they provide our beneficiaries with valuable work experience, and sense of responsibility, dignity and self-respect, as well as the funding required for tehir rehabilitation and development.

"Blood" Money

At Supervasi we view money, donated or generated, as Blood Money, meant to save the lives of the severely isolate, outcast and destitute.

Accordingly, none of our Directors or Management take any salary or profit. On the contrary they are pro-acitvely contributing their own valuable time, technology, expertise, efforts and resources to make a difference.

Similarly, our beneficiaries are made to understand the difference between "need" and "greed." They take only what they need from the system, and the rest is utilised for the rehabilitation of other needy populations, like them, across the country.