Apoorva Agwan


Apoorva Agwan is the Vice President of Sustainable Development at Supervasi and oversees the social division. Apoorva completed her post-graduation in Public Administration from Annamalai University (India). She further completed Masters in Sustainable Development from Staffordshire University (UK). She has over 10 years of experience with music, is a trained Hindustani Classical Singer and is talented with arts and social sciences.

Samarth Ti Puraskar Award 2015

Ms. Apoorva Agwan, VP of Sustainable Development at Supervasi was awarded the Samarth Ti Puraskar Award 2015 from the Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth institution, for her outstanding contribution to the field of women empowerment, women education and snakebite management.

The award was presented at the annual Ti Mahotsav 2015 conducted by Shri. Milind Patankar and Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth, on the International Women’s Day. Various activities like dancing and painting competitions were also conducted at the event.