Supervasi Internship

We are conducting a high-tech research-based internship program where you will work on solutions for the biggest social problems faced by humanity, gifting you the greatest personal and career fulfillment.

Intern Duration
1-year internship

Intern Profiles
Interns from any technical / scientific discipline
Interns from non-technical disciplines like management, marketing, logistics, legal

No. of Vacancies
Starting with 10 seats. Expanding to 100 seats after 1 month and 1000 seats after 2 months.

Internship Details
“I was born a genius but education ruined me” is a favourite T-shirt quote all over the world. Closer home, Swami Vivekananda said the same thing – man is perfect, and the purpose of education is simply to awaken this perfection.

Of all the fields Technology has the power to completely transform and improve human lives. IIT has the most brilliant students in India, yet many of them disillusioned with their studies, depressed and even suicidal. Most abandon their technical studies and move to virtual fields like finance and management that don’t create real wealth or improve human life in any way. The startup and entrepreneurship culture is also very painful – where engineers waste their technical brilliance in dealing with equity, compliances, certifications and balance sheets. Not surprisingly, just 1-2 % of startups actually end up succeeding.

We have the answer – the best of all the worlds. A research-based internship that will make your studies come amazingly alive, to solve the biggest social problems faced by humanity – challenging you to live and work at your highest level of caliber, and gifting you the greatest personal and career fulfillment.

Ecosystem to help you excel

We give you a complete ecosystem to learn, work and grow to your highest!

An exciting research-based Internship

You will work on a range of hi-tech mega projects to save thousands of lives, uplift people, and create a much better world. E.g.
- Incubators that can reduce deaths of 1,000 new-born babies every day in India
- Super Desalination that can for the first time provide free water to Mumbai
- Plastics that are not just neutral, but actually beneficial to nature

You will work with cutting-edge futuristic technologies to help you work at your best, in a highly enjoyable manner. E.g.
Virtual Reality engineering (e.g. 3D glasses, 3D scanning, patented input technologies) which for the first time allows computer aided design in a virtual reality environment.
World’s only “real” AI to help you discover, design, develop and complete solutions as rapidly as 1 project per week or even per day.

You will work not just on “innovations” but also “inventions” – fundamental solutions which can cause textbook changes in their respective fields.
e.g. Air conditioner pumps and compressors that work at full capacity with just 1/10th the power consumption.

You will be working in a wide range of fields, not just your own discipline – e.g. electrical, electronic, mechanical, chemical, civil. Because a system designer who can connect the dots is worth much more than an engineer boxed up in just his own field.

Your work will include research, development, prototyping, testing, writing papers, drafting patent applications and/or any other technical tasks needed to bring solutions from drawing board to market.

You will also attend practical workshops on positive psychology, music (electronic keyboard, guitar), creativity and other areas of personal development, that will help you to live and work at unbelievable levels of caliber – something that gives highest satisfaction, more than the best paying job can give.

You will work under the direct guidance of mentors who have lectured PhDs in education that they know nothing about education, who have taught 5 years of music in just 5 days, and who have trained raw beginners to top the highest keyboard exams by Trinity College London.

Though their methods are unconventional and defy logic, they have successfully trained hundreds of students to play the keyboards with a proficiency that one would never expect of someone who has been learning only for a few months at the most. I am sure they will be well received and their teaching course will continue to work miracles. (1st Feb. 2001)

— Representative, Trinity College London

You will thrive in a positive and nurturing work culture that is based on cooperation and synergy to help each person reach his maximum potential, and contribute his best towards creating a better world.

To Glenn, who takes life by the horns and turns it into a celebration!

— Prahlad Kakkhar, Ad Guru

Work for a purpose

Today people no longer blindly follow their father’s footsteps, or money, or even their own passions. More and more people, especially the most evolved ones, are choosing to work for a “purpose” because that is where they find maximum personal fulfillment and growth.

Learn to live at your highest

Learning to live and work at these levels needs practice. This internship is a unique “incubator” to create “superhumans” or “supervasis” – providing the right ecosystem, technological aids, mentorship and work culture to help you surpass your limitations and make a major positive contribution to humanity.

Supervasi core team of experts (including 2 Gold Medalists) who have lived and worked together for more than 15 years, designing thousands of solutions
to systematically solve the problems of humanity.

Your true value is how much you can give the world, to solve the problems it has, not how much money you manage to grab in this “Kalyug” of today. There are 3 kinds of life: Pleasurable, Respectable and Meaningful. Most people choose pleasurable or respectable. When you live and work meaningfully, you don’t need to find a work-life balance. Your work becomes your life and your passion. You learn to live life like the celebration it is meant to be.

As an IIT alumnus, and a startup mentor stated, after staying with us said “It was an experience of a different world altogether. I can’t really thank you all enough.”

Stipend and Deliverables

We provide a scientific blend of financial and non-financial benefits to take care of your basics, free you from mundane hassles, and enable you to work at your highest caliber, to achieve maximum personal satisfaction and social impact.

• Free snacks and lunch at your workplace
• Travel expenses reimbursed (up to reasonable limits)
• Free accommodation can be provided if required
• Work centre located in the fresh, scenic hill station of Sanjay Gandhi National Park
• Free music course (keyboard) to help unleash your highest cognitive skills
• Hi-tech and high impact projects that are every technologist’s dream
• The opportunity to save thousands of lives through your work
• Cutting-edge futuristic work environment, equipment and software
• Mentorship by a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team of experts
• Politics-free, synergistic work culture to help you work at your best
• Your name on scientific papers and patents co-authored on by you
• A monthly stipend of Rs. 10,000 for any discretionary expenses


Interested candidates are encouraged to go through the following material to better understand the scope and value of the internship.

Selected candidates will be required to sign an NDA and an agreement listing the terms of internship.

Address & Contact

Our Head Office is in Thane city, 5 minutes from the railway station:
Ground Floor, Madhav Baug, Brahmin Society
Naupada, Thane (West) 400602

You will be working at our Yeoor centre – in the scenic Sanjay Gandhi National Park
509, Patonepada, Yeoor
Behind Last TMT Bus Stop (Route no. 16)
Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Thane (West)

Ms. Setu Parikh: (+91) 97699 23335