Jungle BPO™ Services

Supervasi provides a complete range of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services with our Jungle BPO centers. Jungle BPO is a unique self-sustaining model of oursourcing, where tasks are completed by computerized centres situated in remote tribal areas (ie. Jungles), under the professional management of our trained Supervasi staff and volunteers.

Such tasks are worked upon by our beneficiaries and apprentices, under the professional management of the Supervasi Team and Artificial Intelligence Systems. Our beneficiaries are aided by hi-tech Tools, Workflows and Quality Control Mechanisms specially developed by Supervasi.

We cater to Businesses, Institutions and Governments worldwide - from voluminous Data Digitisation, to intricate Data Entry to daily Business Tasks.

The Supervasi Advantage

Our unique combination of Motivated Manpower, cutting-edge Technology and professional Training & Management enables Supervasi to provide businesses with near-100% accuracy, unprecedented speed, timeliness and bulk work handling.

We also provides valuable training and work experience to our beneficiaries, as well as the funding for their further growth and development.

100% of the revenue generated is utilised for providing development programmes to that beneficiary group (i.e. education, training, amenities), and to other backward populations and areas across the country. Clients thus gain the additional advantage of fulfilling their social responsibility (CSR) in a truly effective manner, without any time or effort on their part.

Data Digitization

Conversion of non-digital Books or Documents into fully editable text.

Conversion of non-digital Books, Documents, Journals, Dissertations, Newspapers and so on, into fully editable text, in any desired format, for quick and convenient digital storage, access, further processing.

All Languages: English, Indian (e.g. Hindi, Marathi)

International (e.g. French, German, Spanish)

Scanning: Destructive and Non-Destructive

On-Site (Client Location) or Off-Site (Supervasi Centre)

Data Output - Via any medium (e.g. DVD, FTP)

Applicability by Industry

Businesses & Professionals:

Old Records, Files, Documents, Manuals

Old Legacy Software Data


Digitisation of Backlist

For Republication, e-Books

Universities & Libraries:

Books, Theses, Journals, Periodicals

Museums, Archives:

Books, Documents, Pictures


  • Old Records, Files, Documents

  • Old Legacy Software Data

  • Students & Individuals:

  • Digitisation of Study Notes, Books

  • For Computers, Audio (TTS), e-Books

Data Processing

Repetitive processing of documents to improve quality, layout, styling or content.

Precise Processing of Content, e.g. Fonts, Formatting, Layout, Format, Size to render them suitable for any required purpose, e.g. Storage, Publication, Presentation, Online Publishing.

Applicability by Industry

Any Business, Professional, Institution or Individual requiring documents in a particular format, e.g. for:

  • Organisational Use

  • Professional Communication

  • Storage & Archiving

  • Journal Publication

  • Print Publication

  • Online Publication

Data Entry

Speedy, Reliable, Bulk entry of Data from Printed or Handwritten Forms or Documents.

Speedy and Reliable entry of Data from Printed or Handwritten Forms, Records, Documents, into the Clients Software or Software Database (online and offline), for both - past and current / ongoing data.

Applicability by Industry

Any Business or Professional using Software that requires Initial or Regular Data Entry from a non-digital source: e.g.

  • Bills & Invoices Details

  • Client, Employee & Other Records

  • Products, Inventory & Other Lists

  • Purchase Orders, Work Orders

  • Application Forms & Other Forms

  • Technical Specifications / Data

Daily Business Processes

Delegation of routine tasks such as data entry, data processing, email sorting, and so on.

Delegation of routine and non-core Tasks or Processes to Supervasi, such as Accounting, HR & Payroll Processing, Administrative Tasks, Applications & Claims Processing - freeing Client Staff for more productive work.

Applicability by Industry

  • Any Business, Professional, Institution or Individual with routine, repetitive tasks.

  • Entry of Bills, Invoices

  • HR and Payroll Processing

  • Application Processing

  • Mass Mailing

  • Email Sorting

Web Research

Compiling data from websites or web apps into text/spreadsheet format.

Researching and obtaining required Data / Information from the Internet, compiling it into the required database format, as well as analysing it as required, on a one-time or on-going basis. e.g. Lead Generation.

Applicability by Industry

Any Business, Professional, Institution or Individual requiring data to be systematically compiled from the internet, etc. for:

  • Research

  • Lead Generation

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Market Survey

Proof Reading

Speedy, accurate and bulk proof-reading of documents to detect and eliminate errors.

Speedy, accurate and bulk Proof-Reading of documents to highlight and eliminate errors in Spelling, Grammar, Formatting as required by the Client.

Applicability by Industry

Any Business, Professional, Institution or Individual requiring content to be accurately proof-read, e.g.

  • Books & Other Publications

  • Corporate Communications

  • Dissertations / Theses

  • Web Content

  • Manuals

Data Conversion

Conversion of Client Data from any format to any desired format.

Conversion of Content from and to any desired format, such as Text, RTF, PDF, MDB, HTML, XML, e-Book. e.g. Data Conversion and Migration from one Software system to another and Conversion of Text to E-Book formats.

Applicability by Industry

Any Business, Professional, Institution or Individual requiring content in a specific format. e.g.

  • Converting and Migrating of Data from old Legacy Software to a new System.

  • Converting documents of any kind into a convenient PDF format.

  • Converting Books, Journals, Periodicals and other Documents to HTML or eBooks.

Image Processing

Repetitive processing of images/photos/scans to improve legibility, quality or format.

Bulk Processing of Images, e.g. Cropping, Background Removal, Colour Correction, Size Reducation to render them suitable for any required purpose, e.g. Storage, Publication, Presentation, Online Publishing, and so on.

Applicability by Industry

Any Business, Professional, Institution or Individual requiring Images to be processed in bulk for a variety of purposes like:

  • Brochures

  • Catalogs

  • Manuals

  • Websites

  • Storage & Archives


"Interestingly our work, which involves extensive research in multiple languages such as English, Italian, French, German, Turkish and Spanish, as well as intensive data and image processing, is being done by youth belonging to Indigenous Tribes and backward sections of society, with no prior computer skills or business experience, under the professional management and quality control of the Supervasi Software and IT Team."

Mr. Marcel Wassink
CEO, Superevent IS GmbH

"I have yet to find a more responsive, prompt and conscientious team of people than the ones I found at Supervasi. We are thrilled to be working with Supervasi. I have found their output to be superb. Their response time, problem solving skills and positive approach are commendable. Their pricing is the best in the industry. But what sets them apart is their accuracy. In all my active years as a publisher, I have yet to see anyone come close to their level of accuracy in terms of output."

Mr. Manish Modi
Owner, Hindi Granth Karyalaya

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