Advantages and Benefits

Supervasi offers Businesses, Professionals and Institutions the unique advantage of enhancing their work productivity, efficiency and profitability, while making a valuable and much-needed contribution to society!

Wide Range of Services

One-stop-shop for a range of essential BPO services, enabling Businesses and Institutions to offload routine operations and boost organisational efficiency and productivity

Technical Expertise

Expertise in latest, cutting-edge Programming Languages, Script Languages, Database, GUI and Software Tools, to confidently handle any client requirement.

Non-OCRable Data

Online Data Entry

Any Language

Offline Data Entry

Quality Assurance

Printed Data

Any Software

Semi-automated Workflows and Tools, with multi-level Quality Control Checks, to ensure high accuracy and quality of work.

Handwritten Data

Any Format


Workforce of sincere youth from backward sections, with a strong focus, drive and commitment to work hard and progress in life – resulting in high quality and timeliness of work


Distributed Data Processing model, with micro-splitting of assignments across multiple Data Entry Agents, who are themselves less accessible by society, such as Hearing Disabled youth and Adivasis.

Professional Management

By a team of professionals from the fields of Software, Electronics, Technology and Management – to ensure complete service and satisfaction to clients.

CSR Built-In

Enabling Businesses and Institutions fulfill their social responsibility, in a truly meaningful and effective manner - without any undue time or effort on their part.