PACT Apprenticeship Program

Pratigya Apprenticeship for Community Transformation (PACT) is a free, 2-year residential programme that trains Adivasis youth to take responsibility for the development of their communities, by working on a variety of community programmes such as Education, Healthcare, Sanitation and Reforestation.

The Programme Infrastructure, Accomodation, Food, Training and Equipment are all organised, provided and sponsored by Supervasi.

Supervasi has been conducting surveys and seminars in Adivasi villages (padas) across Maharashtra, to create awareness and select deserving candidates for this unique programme.

"Their focus is on helping the least privileged sections in society come ahead in life. To this end, they focus on teaching these sections basic lessons in terms of education, grooming, the pursuit of gainful employment and the conduct of a happy, constructive life. They offer children of these sections with education, employment and life training. Their approach to the problems faced by the under privileged sections of society is hands on and not hampered by MBA-speak and petty politics. They observe wisely, act sagely and innovate bravely."

Mr. Manish Modi
Owner, Hindi Granth Karyalaya


PACT apprentices are given practical, hands-on training and experience in a range of modern subjects. They also work part-time in our Jungle BPO to help to fund their stipend and running costs.


The 1st PACT Program was launched at Yeoor forest, Thane, Maharashtra, on 26th Jan. 2014, with 10 female Adivasi Youth from the hamlets of Thane District.

The pilot centre was launched in the lush tribal forest of Yeoor, Thane, in 2014.

Transformation in the attitudes and aptitudes of the PACT Apprentices.

Advanced Computer Skills

Foreign Languages

Snakebite Management