Snakeathon Project

The Snakeathon Project provides an integrated solution to help snakebite victims. It includes the Mono-wheel Ambulance, an innovative stretcher for quickly transporting snakebite victims across harsh jungle terrain. It can be attached to a cycle to provide last-mile transport to hospitals or healthcare centers.

Snakeathon Ambulance Kit

Supervasi has developed the Snakeathon Ambulance Kit, an innovative set of relief measures for snakebite victims, especially those in remote regions of India. The kit will be distributed for free, to as many villages as funding permits.

In the news

"The NGO has developed a mono-wheel ambulance suited for rough and rocky terrain and a portable low/no power ventilator that can be used in villages with no electricity. It urged for for direction to the government to set up an emergency team to organize logistics and funding to help deliver snake-bite kits to all affected persons."

The Times of India
HC notice to Maharashtra government on relief for snake-bite victims, Jun 9, 2014