Supervasi is a social enterprise with a core team of 10 members.
Working together for the last 15 years, for no profit or salary.
We design integrated systems that solve major problems.
Providing basics like food, clothing and education to the poor.
Our work is self-funded by our Software & IT services.
We approached Modi govt to build "Digital India" in a Year.
Using our AI-based rapid application development technology.
Our goal is to create a responsible and abundant society.


Supervasi has brought together volunteers from all walks of life.
Working together to build a better world, for nothing in return.
By developing and implementing systems to help people.
Not helping on a one-to-one basis, but on a mass scale.
You can help part-time, full-time basis, or even remotely!
We can even sponsor expenses of full-time volunteers.
Join our ongoing projects in Education, Technology & Culture.
Come, be the super hero the world really needs!

Products & Services

Social Projects

How You Can Help

Support our projects and help improve tribal communities across India.
There's a way for businesses and individuals to help!


Volunteer your time to help design systems for engineering, education, medicine and culture. Whatever you do, we can use your expertise. Join Now.


Sign up for our HTML5 Websites, Business Software or our Jungle BPO services to directly fund our non-profit projects. Do business and social service at the same time!


Donate computers, equipment or finances to support our cause. Donate Now or Contact Us for CSR. Make the broadest social impact with your resources!


Their approach to the problems faced by the under-privileged sections of society is hands-on. They observe wisely, act sagely and innovate bravely.

Manish Modi
Owner, Hindi Granth Karyalaya

Supervasi has indeed proved to be a partner we can rely on, in our efforts to promote and expand our business globally. I would definitely encourage other businesses to avail of the superior software services and unique social model pioneered by Supervasi.

Marcel Wassink
CEO, Superevent Austria

I used to work with MS-DOS, one of the first people. When we saw Windows, it was a big change. When I saw your solution, I saw such radical change.

T. S. Vijayan
Chairman, Life Insurance Corporation India

I recently got introduced to this amazing NGO called Supervasi. I am helping them build educational material for the Adivasis. I appeal to every retired person to help them with their work. Visit them at the Yeoor jungle to get a glimpse of how they are changing lives.

Vidya Shukla
Social Worker & Linguistic Expert

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