SuperDesal™ Technology

SuperDesal is a revolutionary new desalination technology developed by Supervasi, that provides unlimited free water for drinking, industry and agriculture. It is affordable and energy-efficient, and bypasses all the limitations of conventional desalination, and for the first time enables the vast and unlimited ocean resource to be sustainably harnessed to solve the worldwide water scarcity crisis.

Water Scarcity

Water is our most precious resource – vital not only for life, but also for agriculture, industry, nature and biodiversity. However water scarcity is a growing problem in India and across the world.

  • More than 50% of India’s area faces high to extremely high water stress.

  • More than 50% India’s groundwater wells are steadily reducing.

  • More than 100 million people lack access to safe drinking water.

  • By 2030 the supply of water is expected to fall to 50% of the demand.

Conventional Solutions are Unfeasable

Conventional solutions such as Dams and Groundwater projects cannot close the ever-increasing gap between the demand and supply of water. These solutions are time-consuming, expensive, and also destructive to the environment and to human settlements.

E.g. Damanganga-Pinjal Dam Project in Maharashtra

  • Time required: 7-10 years

  • Cost to be incurred: Rs. 14,500 crores

  • Human Life: Displaces 10,000 tribals

  • Environment: Submerges 3,500 hectares of forest area

E.g. Jalayukta Shivar Groundwater Project in Maharashtra

  • Time required: 5 years

  • Cost to be incurred: Rs. 5,000 crores

  • Villages aided: 5,000 (only about 10% villages)

Desalination is Unsustainable

71% of the earth’s surface is water. However of this 96.5% is in seas and oceans, and is too salty for drinking, agriculture or industry. Attempts are being made worldwide to desalinate this water, using distillation or membrane technologies such as reverse osmosis.

However these are not feasible as mainstream solutions, because of extremely high energy consumption, expensive machinery and thus high cost of water. They also destroy the coastal ecosystem and marine life, by dumping of highly concentrated salt residue back into the ocean.

E.g. Desalination plant at Chennai, India

  • Time taken: 5 years

  • Cost incurred: Rs. 600 crores

  • Cost of water for Govt: Rs. 50 / meter cube (compared to Rs. 10-11 for fresh water)

  • Water supply: Just 100 MLD. Several more plants are planned to fill in the deficit.

Super Desal™

A revolutionary low-power, low-cost technology by Supervasi, that provides abundant free water, without harming the environment.

  • For the first time separates and extracts both water and salt

  • Does not dump the salt back into the sea, and is thus eco-friendly

  • Uses innovative low-power technology, supplemented by wind power

Provides water for all spheres of activity:

  • Optimized water for drinking

  • Mineral-rich water for agriculture

  • De-ionised water for industry

  • Provides rare, pure grade salt for chemical industry

Water can be provided free of cost to the Indian Govt. due to:

  • Low-cost Technology

  • Low power consumption

  • Sale of salt produced in the process


As of 2016, the design and testing of Super Desalination is completed.

Plans to install plants and supply water in Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Govt.