Jungle BPO Client Testimonials

Junglo BPO solutions & services have been instrumental in the success of some of Indias leading companies and ventures. See what our clients have to say about our Jungle BPO services.

Superevent Austria

Superevent is the leading event-management platform in Europe.

"Superevent is a software company based in Vienna, Austria (HQ) with value added resellers in the Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Spain and Turkey. The Superevent mobile application provides cutting-edge networking tools for event stakeholders such as organisers, sponsors, speakers and attendees to connect, interact, collaborate and learn.

We have been outsourcing our Event Generation process to Supervasi, a Software and IT company based in Mumbai, India. Interestingly this work, which involves extensive research in multiple languages such as English, Italian, French, German, Turkish and Spanish, as well as intensive data and image processing, is being done by youth belonging to Indigenous Tribes and backward sections of society, with no prior computer skills or business experience, under the professional management and quality control of the Supervasi Software and IT team.

We are amazed at the consistently high quality and promptness of work delivered by Supervasi. We find their executives to be very professional, technically competent and cooperative. Working with them has been a very convenient and positive experience, despite being fully online, without any direct personal communication. Supervasi has indeed proved to be a partner we can rely on, in our efforts to promote and expand our business globally.

Another highlight of working with Supervasi is that we are able to support humanitarian projects in backward and impoverished areas of the world, in the normal course of conducting our business. It is revolutionary model that enables socially conscious organisations like ours to give back to the community, without diverting from our strategic focus and goals. I would definitely encourage other businesses to avail of the superior software services and unique social model pioneered by Supervasi."

Mr. Marcel Wassink

CEO, Superevent IS GmbH

Hindi Granth Karyalaya

Hindi Granth Karyalaya is the oldest bookstore in India, established in 1912.

"Not only is Hindi Granth Karyalay the oldest bookstore of India, but also we have been in the business of publishing books since 24 September, 1912. I am the fourth generation of the family carrying out this noble profession. I have been actively involved in publishing and printing books since 2001 and have dealt with a number of professionals from the world of printing and publishing since then.

I have yet to find a more responsive, prompt and conscientious team of people than the ones I found at Supervasi. We are thrilled to be working with Supervasi. I have found their output to be superb. Their response time, problem solving skills and positive approach are commendable. Their pricing is the best in the industry. But what sets them apart is their accuracy. In all my active years as a publisher, I have yet to see anyone come close to their level of accuracy in terms of output.

I wholeheartedly recommend Supervasi. Please go ahead and work with them. You will get top class output at highly competitive rates. Whats more, they do not work for personal gains.

Their focus is on helping the least privileged sections in society come ahead in life. To this end, they focus on teaching these sections basic lessons in terms of education, grooming, the pursuit of gainful employment and the conduct of a happy, constructive life. They offer children of these sections with education, employment and life training. Their approach to the problems faced by the under privileged sections of society is hands on and not hampered by MBA-speak and petty politics. They observe wisely, act sagely and innovate bravely."

Mr. Manish Modi

Owner, Hindi Granth Karyalaya