Music Education

From 1997-2009, he conducted intensive research into education, and developed a revolutionary method of music education, in which he taught 5 years of music in just 5 days. He trained over 4,000 students in Mumbai alone.

They have revolutionized the world of music-learning by teaching indepth music concepts in an incredibly short period of time making music-learning accessible and convenient to all. (6th March, 2002)

— Head of Music Dept., Mumbai University

Standardized Music Examinations

From 1997-2009, he successfully coached hundreds of beginners for the highest internationally standardized keyboard exams (Grade 8 Electronic Keyboards, Trinity College London). With his methods of accelerated learning, students required just 3-4 months of training, instead of the typical 8-10 years required for Grade 8.

Though their methods are unconventional and defy logic, they have successfully trained hundreds of students to play the keyboards with a proficiency that one would never expect of someone who has been learning only for a few months at the most. I am sure they will be well received and their teaching course will continue to work miracles. (1st Feb. 2001)

— Representative, Trinity College London

Founding of Supervasi

From 2009-2012, he toured the Tribal Belt of India, with his multi-disciplinary team to study and understand the problems of Adivasis first-hand.

In 2012, he founded Supervasi to develop and implement integrated, technology-based solutions for Adivasis, in the areas of healthcare, education, livelihood, food, water and housing. Supervasi is a non-profit Section 8 Private Company, the strictest form of NGO in India.

In 2015, he adapted his path-breaking accelerated learning methods to the field of Adivasi literacy and education. Under the Unmol Program, he introduced literacy courses that can teach an illiterate Adult to read Marathi in just one week, and are working on a course that can reach them to Std. 10 level in just one year.

ERP and Artificial Intelligence

In 2012, he designed the SuperBusiness™ cloud platform and 5GL AI-based language in order to fund the rehabilitation and non-profit activities of the foundation.

He designed the world’s first functional 5GL Artificial Intelligence language (5th Generation Language), where software is developed by software, not manually by programmers. This system will cause a paradigm shift in computing technology.

I used to work with MS DOS, one of the first people. When we saw Windows, it was a big change. When I saw your solution, I saw such radical change.

— Chairman of LIC India Mr. T.S. Vijayan

Technology & Medical Devices

In 2012, he designed & developed innovative solutions for tribal areas, including the Monowheel Snakebite Ambulance, Smokeless chulha, and Integrated sanitation system.

In 2015, he designed an ultra-low cost ventilator, which is an essential component of modern healthcare and many first-aid situations. The innovative valves and pumps he designed for this project are breakthroughs in the field of electromagnetic engineering. They will revolutionize industries like air-conditioning and heating as well. He has filed several patent applications for these inventions, which will be launched in 2017.

In 2016, he designed the world's lowest-cost desalination technology, that enables the vast ocean water resource to be sustainably harnessed to solve the worldwide water scarcity crisis. With this technology, he can provide sufficient water to satisfy the requirements of the mega-city Mumbai – 2000 Million liters a day, free of cost.

In Dec. 2016, Glenn was invited to judge IIT Techfest 2016, the annual science and technology festival of IIT Bombay, which is also Asia’s largest Science and Technology Festival today.